Complaints discussed by Network Bulls Students

If you are planning to pursue Cisco CCIE certification training from the best training institute then you must search the web to know the student reviews. This will help you to know about the training institute and choose a right one. In addition to the reviews you must also know the issues faced by the students.

Complaints from students are quite common as every student face one or the other challenge while pursuing the training. However, at Network Bulls complaints from the students are not much severe. So, to help you know the most common NB complaints, we have come with the list of issues faced by students at Network Bulls. Some of the common complaints of Network Bull’s students are listed below, have a look –

Network Bulls labs

Rigorous training without holidays – at Network Bulls, holidays are too less which appears as a big problem to few students. The training sessions are conducted rigorously on day to day basis and students hardly get time to plan a trip or vacation. Network Bulls is dedicated to provide best Cisco training and make students an expert in their domain. Therefore, they do not compromise with their tight training schedules.

Speed of Internet – Some students complain that speed of internet is quite slow but again that is not every time. Speed of internet is something which is not under the control of the management; it is dependent upon the service provider. Although the management tries their best that students do not face any glitches while practicing in the lab but this issue any times goes beyond their control.

Mandatory personality development classes – Lack of proper communication skills is one of the biggest hurdles in the success of IT professionals. Thus, to overcome this common hurdle, Network Bulls conducts personality development classes on mandatory basis. However, some students complain that it should be optional as they think it is needless for them. However, the truth is altogether different as there is scope for improvement for everyone.

Strict and professional trainers – Along with the institute, the trainers are also committed to providing the best training. Thus, trainers at Network Bulls follow strict disciplinary guidelines during the training sessions. Therefore, many students complain that trainers at Network Bulls are strict and professional but to keep students going on the track it is quite necessary.

In addition, to the above-listed complaints, some students also face the issue with the batch timings. Many times students want to shift their batch timings due to their multiple reasons; this issue is resolved as per the batch availabilities and student requirements.

How Network Bulls student’s complaints are resolved?

Although complaints regarding any training session are very rare but still to ensure students do not face any issue Network Bulls has a special management team. This team listens to students complain and provide them the best available solution without wasting any time. At Network Bulls student complaints are resolved within three days and in case of any delay students can directly reach the director Mr. Vikas Kumar.

In fact, every student at Network Bulls have 7 key rights which help them to bring their issues to the management easily as well as learn and grow ahead. These 7 rights include –

  1. 24*7 lab access facility
  2. Back-up classes for the ones missed by students
  3. Repetition of course for crystal clear understanding
  4. Practice on real devices
  5. Job guarantee letter
  6. Liberty to provide 100% genuine feedback
  7. Liberty to provide Suggestions and Complaints

To know more about Network Bulls’ training, hear student reviews or directly get in touch with the students or ex-students…


2 thoughts on “Complaints discussed by Network Bulls Students

  1. Ohh really…… strict n professional trainers come under complaints…..??? “NO”…. It’s really shocking… as far as i’m concerned professional trainers give the best training…. And training is not a playground.. To maintain the decorum it is mandate to be strict….. I was the student of Network Bulls I didn’t find any faculty being rude with any student…….
    Still, my frnds are taking training from the same institute and never say these type of stuff about Network Bulls……


  2. I like the concept of personality development in Network Bulls otherwise in any other networking institutes students need to take the classes for personality development, spoken English, mock interviews from any other spoken English institute.
    When I was a student of NB that was the most awaited part bcz we have learnt many things in communication classes to have professionalism.

    Brilliant training at Network Bulls……!!!!!!! No complaints no problems….!!!!


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